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Alexis Alexander, Litigation Paralegal

Alexis Alexander, Litigation Paralegal | Project Manager

Experienced and influential Paralegal with over 7 years of civil law and contract management experience within complex litigation settings. Proven track record of effectively managing all litigation and contract lifecycle phases, including drafting and reviewing contracts and pleadings, conducting legal research, and discovery.

A subject matter expert in civil litigation, ensuring efficient and comprehensive document review and production. Skilled in ensuring legal compliance, maintaining meticulous records, and managing multiple projects concurrently. Strong ability to collaborate with cross-functional teams, drive project timelines, and achieve successful outcomes.

Notable Career Impacts:

💠 Litigation Paralegal: Led a team in redacting 30,000 pages of sensitive documents and implemented a strategic workflow resulting in a 20% increase in productivity and reducing project duration by 25%.

💠 Received recognition by the Psychological Operations Commander in the US Army for the training and mentorship provided to Junior Paralegals, contributing to their professional development and increasing productivity within the legal department.

💠 Managed a database of over 30 discovery projects at Keller Postman ensuring deadlines were met and communication with outside and opposing counsel was thorough.

🌐 Core Competencies:

▪️ Project Planning & Execution
▪️ Stakeholder Management
▪️ Case Management
▪️ Civil Litigation
▪️ Document Management
▪️ Process Improvement

🌐 Technical tools

▪️ Case Management Software: MyCase, Clio, Practice Panther & Legal Files
▪️ Legal Research: Westlaw & LexisNexis
▪️ E-Filing Systems: PACER
▪️ eDiscovery Software: Relativity
▪️ Collaboration & Communication: Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, Slack
▪️ Project Management Software: Microsoft Project & Asana

Feel free to reach out to me about paralegal & project management opportunities directly:

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