Upcoming Events: Social Media Week in Glasgow welcomes Business Banter

Over the course of Social Media Week Glasgow (week c.19 September), the Business Banter team have organised an exciting programme of early morning events. Various speakers will be presenting on how social media has benefited either their business or that of their clients. Some of these presentations will be of particular interest to the legal profession and businesses across Scotland.

Representing Moore Legal Technology, I’ll be presenting the following subjects on Wednesday and hope to elaborate on these topics on Thursday at Managing a Law Firm in the 21st Century in Aberdeen and at another business event the week after –

Social Media Marketing & ROI: Generating Business Online

“As people and businesses spend more time engaging on social media networks, such as Twitter, Linkedin or blogs, it is important to be able to develop relationships on these platforms and have your brand appearing prominently on their computer or smartphone screens when you need it to. Based on his experiences as search and social media marketing manager at Moore Legal Technology and legal blogger (“blawger”), Gavin Ward will explain the potential ROI that professional services organisations can achieve from social media marketing, including increased website traffic, greater online presence and, ultimately, the generation of more, relevant business.”

The Business Banter events are part of a global network of events this week and a registration system has been developed to ensure that those who wish to attend each event are able to do so.

To book your place for a particular event or events, please see the links below and then select the appropriate link below to add your name to the guest list. All Business Banter events happening throughout the week can be found at http://www.businessbanter.co.uk/socialmediaweek2011.htm and all Social Media Week Glasgow events can be found at http://socialmediaweek.org/glasgow/, including MacRoberts’ Social Media and the Law seminar http://socialmediaweek.org/event/?event_id=172 .

The following are speakers who are presenting at Esquires Coffee House on Hope Street on Wednesday 21 September, whose presentations may be of particular interest to the legal profession and businesses in Scotland:

Lesley Wood, principal consultant with Targeting Innovation, who will present “Technology continues to Evolve but Good Business Practice Rules!”

Mark Hunter of Glasgow-based social media training consultancy, Tartan Media Productions, presenting “Social Media Outposts and Listening Posts”

Katy Nisbet, partner at Scottish law firm Simpson & Marwick Solicitors, who will present “Social Media usage in B2B legal markets: From cynic to convert – one lawyers journey of enlightenment!”

Gavin Ward, search and social media marketing manager at Moore Legal Technology, presenting “Social Media Marketing & ROI: Generating Business Online”

Chris Davidson, marketing executive at Scottish law firm Harper Macleod LLP, who will present “Social Media Marketing for Professional Services”

David Morgan, employment law partner & head of dispute resolution at Scottish law firm Burness LLP, presenting “Despite the legal risks, why not follow me on Twitter?”

Brian Inkster, founder of Inksters Solicitors, who will present “Generate new business by ‘Tweeting in Convoy’”

The programme for the event is as follows:

•08:00 Open networking

•09:00 Presentations 5 x 5 minute talks with Q&A round up after the last session.

•10:00 Open networking

•11:00 Formal close

We hope you can make it and hope you find the sessions valuable.



In passing, if you’re speaking at events or hosting events you may want to consider using roller banner stands – can be particularly helpful to promote your own brand.

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