What Your Website Image Says About You

When it comes to marketing of legal services in the 21st century, no law firm or solo practitioner should be without a firm Internet presence. Online listings and advertisements for attorneys are everywhere these days: on social networking platforms, directories, AdWords, banner ads, blogs, publications, and more. These are all marketing fragments that should converge upon a single element that ties everything together and ultimately converts an interested party from prospect to client. That single, defining element is the firm or solo attorney’s website.

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Marketing Your Law Firm – A Case for Discounts

“If you have been injured in a car accident…” The staple phrase of advertising for legal services, which has been repeated infinitely on television commercials and radio ads, has not only entered the lexicon of popular culture—it has also been adopted by stand-up comedians as part of their repertoire, and caricatured on highly-rated TV shows such as Saturday Night Live and Comedy Central’s The Daily Show.

For marketers and advertising executives, a satirical treatment of one of their creations is extremely flattering. That’s how they know they have done the highest goal of promotion: their client enters the popular consciousness.

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